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Mr. Doron Azouri is the owner and director of “Important Miniatures” on-line ArtGallery. Studies and degree in the Art’s & Communication from the “Brera Academy of fine arts” in Milan, Italy and from the “Bezalel Academy of Art & Design” in Jerusalem, Israel,  his passion for art, a field he has been working in for over twenty years now contribute to a consistently powerful collection.”  Miniatures collections chosen from private and famous Auction houses all over the world.

The stock of portrait miniatures is both comprehensive and fine, the top British and Continental artists are represented and the price range begins with moderately priced pieces and rises to the frankly fabulous.  We own one of the biggest & rarest collections in private hands of the well-known South-German miniaturist Xaver Franz Milz (1765-1833) (please see the German Collection section) also some rare works of JOSEPH BERNHARD EINSLE & more. In the British section we have some rare and delightful works of well known top British miniaturist: for example Miniature number 073: Signed by Bernard Lens III - c1729: King Henry II - from the “Heads of State” Series. Part of this series can be seen at the Victoria & AlbertMuseum, London. Other works are by Alexander Gallaway (Miniature No. 04) with a portrait of Lady Isabella Brydges of Wootton Park (with  Jane Austen connections), and further more works by Andrew Plimer (1763-1837), George Engleheart (1750-1829), Joseph Daniel (1760-1803),  Jeremiah Meyer (1735-1789), Gervase Spencer (d1763), Wiliam Charles Ross (1794-1860), William Armfield Hobday (1771-1831), Thomas Hazlehurst (1740-1821), Sam Shelly (1750-1808) and much more...In the French Section you can observe one of the rarest 18th Century miniature boxes depicting a noble woman BREAST-FEEDING HER BABY - until the 18th century, the aristocratic family never took care of the baby personally. With the influence of Jean Jacques Rousseau, the manner of education changed and the aristocracy, like Marie Antoinette, began to take care personally of their baby, but breastfeeding itself was still very modern for that time and the DECISION TO BE PORTRAITED LIKE THIS IS A REAL “ACTIVIST” DECISION, also in this section a rare Military portrait,  hand painted on ivory of a gentleman housed in a gold frame, with a gold and enamel Croix de Saint Louis medal hanging from it, Inscription reads Bellicae Virtutice Praemium, and reverse Lud. M. Inst. 1693 and much more... so please you are welcome to browse our on-line gallery and enjoy....  
Some examples are displayed on this site but if you cannot see anything to suit you please contact us for details of other miniatures in our stock.   
We have examples of portrait miniatures of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, painted on vellum, enamel or ivory. We also seek to purchase fine examples, and offer a valuation  service. We work with our clients to build collections for both investment and pleasure.
Portrait miniatures may be viewed by appointment.  To schedule a viewing, Please email to:






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