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Cat. No. 52


Artist: Abraham Daniel 1760-1806 -  18th Century, Daniel Bros. Portrait Miniature of a Lady: Abraham Daniel (British d.1806) or Joseph Daniel (British c.1760-1803); a miniature portrait of a Lady; watercolour on natural wafer; set behind convex glass in a gold plated and brass pendant frame; (This miniature was originally attributed to John Barry, but this has since been reviewed by one of the foremost authorities on the subject, Claudia Hill of Ellison Fine Art, who has ascribed it with confidence to the Daniel brothers).

BIOGRAPHY:  Both Abraham and Joseph Daniel worked in or around Bath during the last third of the eighteenth century. They appear to have been competitors, both claiming to be 'Mr Daniel' and this has resulted in considerable difficulty when trying to attribute their works. The only signed work that has come to light was by Abraham (a portrait of Rabbi Moses Ephraim of Plymouth) and so art historians have tended to attribute "Daniel of Bath" miniatures to him alone. Daphne Foskett offers the following description of the style of 'Daniel of Bath': "Their style of painting is easily recognisable once it has been studied, the hair is painted softly, in large masses, without much detail, the eyes are large and usually wide open, the eyelids strongly delineated, and the features shaded so as to emphasize the modelling of the cheeks and nose; the mouth is clearly defined, and the general effect of the work is that it has a slightly glossy appearance, due to the use of gum with the pigments."


Creation Year: 18th Century

Measurements: 2.5 x 2 inches  

Style: Portrait Miniature

Technique: watercolours on Ivory


Provenance: Private Collection

Artist: Abraham Daniel 1760-1806

Condition: In very good overall condition.


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