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Cat. No. 114B


Joseph Bernhard Einsle  (1774-1829)- (One of a pair - see number 114A) RARE signed 18th Century Miniature Portrait Painting: Mme Milz wearing a white dress with lace collar (see Ernest Lemberg Die Bildnis-Miniatur in Deutschland. Von 1550 bis 1850 pl. IV, No. 35 (page 12). It is belived Joseph Bernhard Einsle made 2 identical portraits of Mme Milz (one is in the V. Marchtaler Coll. Stuttgart the other is this one) for more details see Ernest Lemberg Die Bildnis-Miniatur in Deutschland. Von 1550 bis 1850 pl. IV, No. 35 (page 12). She is the same woman as in miniature 114A, there is a fragment of 18th century fabric with a paper label on the reverse.  The small label seen under the image out of the frame was found undere the painting. Signed at the right side: "Einsle pinx 1815". The painting is mounted in a period gilt oval metal frame. The artist Joseph Bernhard Einsle (1774 Goeggingen - 1829 Augsburg) was a well known portrait miniaturist in South Germany with many commissions of middle class customers. His first dated miniature of the King of Wuerttemberg is from 1803, although already in 1796 his name was mentioned in books as "Mahler (Maler., i.e. artist) in Augsburg". In 1806 Einsle married in his native town Goeggingen and from 1810 lived in Constanz at lake Bodensee). In 1817 he moved to Augsburg, where he lived - apart from short stays in Munich and Frankfurt a.M. - until his death in 1829.


Creation Year: 1815

Measurements: aprox. 7.8 mm x 6.3 mm (painting)

Style: Portrait Miniature

Technique: oil on Ivory


Provenance: Private Collection: RARE GERMAN COLLECTION: XAVER FRANZ MILZ and JOSEPH BERNHARD EINSLE  & more :This miniature Collection was equiered from a private estate in Santa Ana, California.

Artist: Joseph Bernhard Einsle  (1774-1829)

Condition: In very good overall condition

Price:  Inquire about this Item.


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