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Cat. No. 114A


Xaver Franz Milz (1765-1833) (after  Joseph Bernard Einsle). (One of a pair - see number 114B) RARE 18th Century Miniature Portrait Painting: There are two Portraits of Mme Milz,both are painted on ivory. This one is the smaller of the two. Mme Milz wearing a white dress with lace collar (see identical miniature in Ernest Lemberg Die Bildnis-Miniatur in Deutschland. Von 1550 bis 1850 pl. IV, No. 35 (page 12). This miniature I belive is painted by Xaver Franz Milz after a portrait made by Joseph Bernard Einsle (see miniature number 114b or look at Ernest Lemberg Die Bildnis-Miniatur in Deutschland. Von 1550 bis 1850 pl. IV, No. 35 (page 12 for identical miniature of Mme Milz  from theV. Marchtaler Coll. Stuttgart). The painting is mounted in a period gilt oval metal frame with a fragment of 18th century silk fabric fitted to the reverse miniature.


Creation Year: 18th Century

Measurements:  aprox. 5.7 mm x 4.6 mm

Style: Portrait Miniature

Technique: oil on Ivory

Provenance: Private Collection: RARE GERMAN COLLECTION: XAVER FRANZ MILZ and JOSEPH BERNHARD EINSLE & more: This miniature Collection was equiered from a private estate in Santa Ana, California. These are rare complete collection of the well-known South-German miniaturist from the turn of 19th century Xaver Franz Milz. Although none of the aforementioned miniatures were signed (Schidlof writes that he has never seen any signed works by this artist!), several of them bore inscriptions with author's name - "Milz". Comparison with Milz's listed miniature (see Lemberger's "Die Bildnisminiatur in Deutschland") removes any doubts about the artist X. F. Milz.

Xaver Franz Milz was born in Gemuend by Bregenz (Austro-Swiss-German border) in 1765. After studying law at the
University of Freiburg in Breisgau (today in German province Baden-Wuerttemberg), he became a court state official in Hofrieden (Austrian province Voralberg), then transferred to Head Office of Bregenz, and, in 1793, became a "Rentamtmann" in Feldkirch. His next job took him to Weisserau (on the German side of the border), and, in 1809, we find him serving as an Oberamtmann (higher official rank) in Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany, where he remained for eight years. In 1817, he became a state councilor in Ellwangen.
Milz's past time was eagerly occupied by portrait miniature painting. Lemberger supposes that South-German miniaturist Joseph Bernhard Einsle (1774-1829), well-known in this area, could have been Milz's teacher. In any case, Milz's works do indeed show a strong influence of Einsle (Einsle also painted few miniatures with portraits of Milz's family members - see miniatures number).
Milz, as Lemberger says further, painted hundreds of miniatures that he gave around as presents. These pieces are extremely rare. I dare say these are the biggest collection in private hands, duo to its rarity I prefer selling the whole collection as one lot instead of dividing it. to inquire about price please contact us through our e-mail on this web site.


Artist: Xaver Franz Milz (1765-1833)

Condition: In very good overall condition.

Price:  Inquire about this Item.

Please note: Shipping and insurance costs are not included in this offer.

(please note additional 16% tax applies for transactions concluded within Israel)


* 2-3 days door-to-door shipment, professionally packed and shipped with EMS worldwide: 87,78 GBP + insurance 1,8% of item price
* Cheaper alternative: professionally packed and shipped with regular Israeli mail - upon request under (OBS: In this case maximal refunded insurance value is GBP 100).




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